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Energy saving for Businesses “Exoikonomo Epiheirontas” 2022


Three “Energy Saving” programs are in the process of immediate implementation from the beginning of December until the end of the year, which will be financed with funds of 1.782 billion euros from the Recovery Fund and which will amount to a total of 2.782 billion euros, if included the same participation of the beneficiaries.

These are:

  • The new “Energy Saving” of houses, which will subsidize the energy upgrade of 105,000 properties and -according to secure information from Real news- the electronic platform for submitting applications will open on December 6, 2021. The fund that will be allocated amounts to 632 million. euros and in total will reach 1 billion euros. The subsidy starts from 40% and reaches up to 75%.
  • The “Energy Saving” of businesses (applied for the first time). The online integration platform is expected to open at the end of December. It concerns the energy subsidy from 9,700 to 10,000 very small, small and medium enterprises. The relevant fund from the Recovery Fund amounts to 450 million euros and is estimated to reach a total of 1 billion euros.

The program will be implemented in two phases:

The € 250 million program for small and medium-sized enterprises in the secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy, including the hotel sector, will be opened first, followed by the second € 200 million sub-program in the first quarter of 2022. very small businesses.

The subsidy will reportedly be at least 45% and will depend on a number of parameters. For very small businesses, emphasis will be placed on the supply and installation of energy efficient equipment in heating, lighting, air conditioning for very small businesses.

  • “Energy Saving” in the Public Sector for the energy upgrade of public buildings (schools, hospitals, sports facilities, central administration buildings, etc.). This program is being implemented for the first time and is also expected to start at the end of 2021. Its total budget amounts to 700 million euros.

Exoikonomo for Business – ‘’Exoikonomo Epiheirontas’’

Of the total number of subsidized companies, it is estimated that 8,500 will be very small and 1,200 medium and large in various productive sectors, such as tourism and agri-food, while private offices and commercial buildings are eligible to participate.

The minimum amount of the subsidy is estimated at 45% and will be determined by the type of eligible costs, the area in which the company operates and its size.

In terms of interventions, energy efficient equipment and systems such as hot water / steam generation and waste heat recovery equipment, storage, product distribution, as well as the operation of companies (eg lighting system upgrades, indoor electrical installations, etc.) are envisaged. .a.).

Also, energy upgrades are provided in the building shell (thermal insulation of masonry – floor, roof, etc., energy frames / glazing, shading systems, etc.).

Emphasis will also be placed on the construction of photovoltaics by companies, in order to self-consume energy and have lower tariffs. For energy efficiency in the tertiary and secondary sectors for medium and large enterprises, two mandatory energy audits will be performed.

As for the very small ones, minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of the equipment will be set. The actions of the program will be implemented through a call for applications, with an estimated start by the end of 2021.