Saving Energy at Home

Within the framework of the program “SAVE AT HOME” which subsidizes the energy upgrade of the properties of the main residence, GLOBAL – ENERGY Solutions Ltd undertakes to check the eligibility of the application and to prepare the dossier of the application for integration, simultaneously with the implementation of the application and the submission of recommendations / proposals for energy savings, which include the installation of external thermal insulation systems (on the facades of the building, the roof or the tiled roof), installation of energy insulating Window and Door frames, gas boilers or biomass, energy fireplaces, replacement of oil boilers with heat pumps, mandatory installation of solar thermal water heaters, air conditioners, auto mechanical indoor ventilation systems, installation of external awning systems, Building energy management systems, Smart Home.

The company fully undertakes the entire process from the implementation of the energy inspection and the issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate, applying for inclusion in the subsidized program “SAVE AT HOME”, or alternatively submitting an application for a repair loan, issuance of Electronic Building Identity, Small Scale Works, until the implementation of the required interventions according to the energy study.