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SolarWorld AG has developed in just a few years from a trading company to a solar company with integrated solar value chain process – from raw materials to the solar wafer, the solar cell, the solar module right up to ready, high-quality solar power plants. 

Today, the company profits from the fact that it was early to set up the entire solar value chain: It has modern factories at all production levels to serve the solar market comprehensively. In addition, the company controls the development of solar power technology at all levels under its own roof. 

The company employs about 3,300 people in its locations in Germany, Spain, France, South Africa, Asia and USA.

SolarWorld AG is one of the largest solar companies in the world and has locations in all of the key target markets. This reduces transport distances and allows for cost-optimized production processes. Uniform quality standards and high-tech manufacturing are essential for meeting the challenge of global competition. This strategy forms the basis for expansion into new markets.
The production facility in the university town of Freiberg, Germany (Saxony) has a long history with semi-conductor technology. All of the production steps starting with silicon through to the final module are based here right next to the group’s own research and development enterprise, SolarWorld Innovations. The ties to the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg and the semi-conductor facility in Dresden make for an innovative atmosphere with a large pool of experts and skills.
SolarWorld has two major locations in the United States. The sales location in Camarillo, California, produced solar modules since 1977, whilst the site in Hillsboro, Oregon, has been bringing new expertise in monocrystalline modules to the solar group since 2008. Today, SolarWorld is operating the United States’ first fully integrated solar production at this site.

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